Inspiration Forum

Second session of IF Lab 2023/24 in Slovenia

For the second session, IF Lab participants met in Ljubljana at the Kersnikova Institute, a platform for the development, production and presentation of contemporary investigative art projects. The four-day residency focused on the further development of research-based art projects. The program also included a workshop focused on exploring the boundary between the human and the more-than-human world and a symposium dedicated to exploring narratives about the role of humans in the contemporary ecological crisis.


The symposium focused on the possibilities of breaking down technological hierarchies in the desire for a more democratic and interconnected digital and analogue future, transcending the boundaries of scientific discourse. Among those presenting their work were transdisciplinary artist and researcher Isabel Burr Raty; visual artist and researcher Antye Guenther; theoretical physics researcher, inventor, philosopher and writer Andrej Detela; and Peggy Pierrot, a researcher involved in projects bridging information technology, the humanities, activism, popular culture and radio art.


A workshop with artist and researcher Isabel Burr Raty entitled The (Power Plant) Village speculatively explored possible forms of restorative ecology through a residency in a fictional community that allows its male and female residents to generate green energy with their bodies.

The (Power Plant) Village, an embodied Quantum Fiction by Isabel Burr Raty 

Becoming Data Diva by Antye Guenther 

On Syntropy by Andrej Detela  

Dissociative Fugues: Another Look at First Encounters, Spaceships and Time Travel in  Science Fiction by Peggy Pierrot

The Inspiration Forum Lab is organized by Ji.hlava IDFF’s Inspiration Forum in cooperation with Kersnikova Institute, Sensorium and Display – Association for Research and Collective Practice.

The project is co-funded by the European Union, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Czech State Fund.