Inspiration Forum

Press release: Inspiration Forum calls to the table!

The Inspiration Forum discussion platform will once again provide an opportunity to discover new perspectives, strengthen dialogue, and introduce new questions about the contemporary world to the public space. This year's edition will focus on water, artificial intelligence, space, communities, and food.

On the very first day, the focus will be on food. “Food stands at the center of human communities and our lives, not only as a physiological necessity but also as an emotional, social, and political phenomenon. Food shapes us – by where we source it, how we consume it, and with whom we sit at the table,” says Tereza Swadoschová, the head of the Inspiration Forum. The programme promises a discussion on 'localism', in which journalist Petra Tajovsky Pospěchová, Ji.hlava politician and activist Eva Nováková, and farmer and founder of Biofarm Sasov will open up the topic of local ingredients: what prevents us from using them, why Czech restaurants do not cook locally, and how this approach works abroad.

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