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Artificial Intelligence in the Service of Capitalism

On technological progress and social stagnation

keynote speech and conversation

Will AI truly transform the way we work, play and live from the ground up? Will it outgrow humans and bring destruction? Or are the tech industry people just creating an empty bubble to sell their product? Whether positive or negative in tone, grand narratives of revolutionary change distract us from critically examining the real impacts of AI on our lives. Instead of paying attention to the possibilities of current regulation, we focus on the visions of the future that are being put forward. Paris Marx shows the threats that AI poses to workers around the world, as well as how the tech industry has long used the language of liberation to make us believe in projects that are contrary to our interests. What stories and ideas surround technology? And what are their real social impacts?

With the support of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Czech Republic and the Masaryk Academy of Democracy.



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