Inspiration Forum

We invite everyone to join us in searching for a better world

At this year's Inspiration Forum, we want to go even farther in opening up the discussion to you, and that’s why we’ve  prepared the first Inspiration Forum Participatory Assembly, which will conclude the programme on Sunday 29 October. Festival visitors, Inspiration Forum speakers and the general Jihlava public will think and debate together about how to create a world together where life is good. The specific topics will be decided by the participants of the assembly; everyone will have the opportunity to suggest a topic that they would like to discuss or debate with others - because people achieve the best results when they have the space to engage with things that they are genuinely interested in. From the suggested topics, those that meet with the most interest will then be selected and developed through further discussion. The gathering will help us share and apply our experiences, knowledge and feelings in an effort to discuss pressing issues and develop practical solutions that will act as a bridge between ideas and actions to address shared crises. With the help of experienced trainers and lecturers Kristýna Hrubánová, Petra Frühbauerová, Veronika Ambrozy, Dan Vykoukal and Lukáš Pokorný from the NGO NaZemi, we’ll put our heads together and look for steps to move closer to the world we dream of. We'd love to have you join us!